Pera Pardina Consultores, Limited Society


Carrer de la Pobla de Lillet 18, Local Planta Baixa
08028 Barcelona (Spain)
Tel: 34.937 071 848
Coordenadas: 41º 22' 52.50" N
2º 7' 50.02" E

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Project management and construction

Pera Pardina Consultores (PPc), is a team of professionals that based on their experience, was born in 1982, with the aim to give an answer to a very useful position in other countries, but basically non existing and we knew that very necessary in Spain: "COORDINATOR" (Project and Construction Management)

Our human team is made up of a staff of Specialized Technicians, complemented with our usual collaborators: Engineers, Architects and Technical Architects, adequately coordinated and with professional experience in Housing, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Malls, Industrial Warehouses, Urbanizations, etc...

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New extension Picasso museum

Real Estate Developer: Foment Ciutat Vella, S.A.
Architect: Jordi Garcés
Surface: 1.650m2
Initial Date: 2009
Action: Project Management

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