Pera Pardina Consultores, Limited Society


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Project management and construction
Pera Pardina Consultores, Limited Society

Management and control
Our services exclusively involve the technical/economical "Management and Control" of the project and/or building works, we are not involved in the financial aspects of these operations, but we do consider, that our management work is very profitable for the promoters to take decisions.

It is about covering and defending a space in the property management, non related with any of the professionals involved in this process, like the Architects, Technical Architects, Installations Engineers, Sales Management, etc.

These services cover from a simple advising on works carried out by third parties, to the full management and control of projects and/or coordination of the works and installations of the building works in their different professions, for the fulfilling of a program.

Other services:

Facultative direction
Security and Work Health in the building works
Measurements and budgets
Values and valuations
Reports and certifications
Projects elaboration
Planning and works programs
Projects auditions

We apply a percentage on the value of the building work, of the installations and the company's services, variable depending on if a total coordination is carried out, a technical/economical control or a simple advising of the project and works, and variable as well depending on the type, use and dimensions of each work.

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